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New York’s Tomorrow

Special Issue 2009
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Special Issue 2009
Brian C. Anderson
Why a special issue of City Journal?

Gotham Reborn

The Reinventive City.
Edward L. Glaeser
New York remains rich in the ultimate resource: human capital.
The City's Finances, Part 1: Life in Taxopolis.
Steven Malanga
After the financial meltdown, Mayor Bloomberg’s “luxury product” has become unaffordable.
The City's Finances, Part 2: Budget-Cutting Made Simple.
Steven Malanga
Balancing the books doesn’t take genius, just political courage.
Wall Street 2015.
Luigi Zingales
New York’s preeminent industry has changed forever.
Project Phaseout.
Howard Husock
Selling New York’s vast public-housing stock would generate enormous revenues and help the poor.
Sue City.
John P. Avlon
The Big Apple’s half-billion-dollar tort tax dwarfs other cities’.
Liberating Development.
Peter D. Salins
Zoning should spur building, not prevent it.

Renewing the Empire State

The Budget New York Needs.
E. J. McMahon
Wall Street’s woes leave the state no choice but to slash spending.
The Medicaid Monster.
Paul Howard
How to slay it
Max Schulz
New York needs cheaper power—and more of it.
Transit for Tomorrow.
Nicole Gelinas
The MTA’s labor costs are crowding out money for a twenty-first-century system.
Escape from New York.
Wendell Cox
Dysfunctional policies are driving away millions of residents and billions of dollars.

Political Economy

The Obsolete New York Model.
Myron Magnet
Where a tax-eating majority votes itself a permanent income
Madison's Nightmare.
Fred Siegel
Government by a single faction—the unions

The Social Order

New York's Indispensable Institution.
Heather Mac Donald
The NYPD’s crime-fighting sparked the city’s economic revival and is essential to its future.
How New York Became Safe: The Full Story.
George L. Kelling
A citywide effort, involving many agencies and institutions, helped restore order.
Counterterror and the Crunch.
Judith Miller
Will financial pressures undermine the city’s safety?
Kay S. Hymowitz
Government should stop discouraging low-income fathers from working.

Fixing the Schools

A Teachers' Contract for a New Era.
Sol Stern
Seven achievable reforms for better schools
The Uses of Vouchers.
Jay P. Greene and Patrick J. McCloskey
School choice can help special-ed students and keep the Catholic-school option alive in the inner city.
How Efficient Are New York's School Districts?.
Marcus A. Winters
A statewide assessment


Booms and Busts.
Stefan Kanfer
New York has been down this road before—colorfully, memorably, and temporarily.
The Resilient Outer Boroughs.
William Meyers and Phillip Lopate
A portfolio of everyday life
The Culture Crash.
James Panero
Risky investments have endangered New York’s leading arts institutions.

New York Minutes

Heather Mac Donald


Guy Sorman

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