Autumn 1998
Roger Scruton
Pop culture’s noise and glamour try in vain to fill a gaping void.
Kay S. Hymowitz
As the authority of parents wanes, preteens are falling under the sway of peer groups and marketers. The disquieting result: “hip” and “sexy” ten-year-olds.
Heather Mac Donald
Public health professors now teach that social injustice, rather than individual behavior, is the true cause of disease—a sure prescription for a less healthy future.
Brian C. Anderson & Matthew Robinson
By jettisoning the new urban wisdom, Mayor Brown is making San Francisco uglier, more dangerous, and financially shaky.
Richard E. Morgan
Nothing in the U.S. Constitution or the state constitutions prohibits this highly popular school reform—as the current Supreme Court might soon agree.
Sol Stern
A tax-funded Yankee Stadium in Manhattan is exactly the wrong idea.



Heather Mac Donald
Myron Magnet
Wendy Shalit
Tamar Jacoby
Sol Stern
Roger Conner


Oh, to be in England
Theodore Dalrymple
Chelsea Diarist
Eugene Kontorovich
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