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Summer 2003
City Journal Summer 2003.
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Michael Knox Beran
Conservative Compassion Vs. Liberal Pity

Compassionate conservatism works because it addresses people as individuals rather than as faceless units in a throng.
The War on Terror
Heather Mac Donald
Straight Talk on Homeland Security

By no means Orwellian, the Patriot Act provides the security that ensures liberty.
Sol Stern
Israel Without Apology

It took me 30 years—and 9/11—to understand what it means to be a free democracy fighting Islamic terror.
Notes from the Culture
Kay S. Hymowitz
Michael Moore, Humbug

The Left’s media darling spins a world of falsehood.
John H. McWhorter
How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back

Violence, misogyny, and lawlessness are nothing to sing about.
Steven Malanga
Union U.

Labor studies programs on campus aren’t scholarship but propaganda.
E. J. McMahon
City Journal’s Quality-of-Life Index

Under Mayor Bloomberg, New York City’s fortunes are decidedly mixed.
Myron Magnet
What Use Is Literature?
Nicholas Antongiavanni
Tailcoats: An Elegy
In Prospect
Theodore Dalrymple
Oh, to be in England

What’s Wrong with Twinkling Buttocks?
Ed Tinsley
Santa Fe Diarist

Job Busters

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