Daniel Finkelstein
Britain’s Tories must adapt to a changing country.

Eye on the News

Matthew Hennessey
Whiz kids like Jacob Meisel are democratizing meteorology.


Lloyd Billingsley
A double murder in Davis offers vital lessons for juvenile justice reformers.

Recent Features

Imagine No Religion
Theodore Dalrymple
The French press refuses to see a clear case of Islamic terrorism.
Turkey’s Two Thugs
Claire Berlinski
Erdoğan and Gülen are both dangerous—but only one of them lives in the Poconos.​
The Big Lie of the Anti-Cop Left Turns Lethal
Heather Mac Donald
The real story behind the murder of two NYPD officers
A City on the Brink
Matthew Hennessey
Anti-cop attitudes among the city’s progressive elites created the context for this weekend’s atrocity.
How Private Philanthropy Saved the Founders’ Homes
Myron Magnet
Mount Vernon and Monticello nearly vanished.
More Less
Say Goodbye to the Family Doctor
Joel Zinberg
Young doctors are increasingly becoming employees rather than independent practitioners.
Backing the Wrong Horse
Matthew Hennessey
Mayor de Blasio’s proposed ban on Central Park horse carriages is making enemies out of allies.
D.C.’s Silver-Line Slog
Ethan Epstein
A costly and long-delayed subway project raises questions about America’s ability to build needed infrastructure.
Smotherers of Invention
Steven Malanga
Patent trolls, universities, and big companies are exploiting a broken system.
Sniping at the Oscars
Roger L. Simon
Eastwood’s latest falls down; Birdman soars.

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Autumn 2014
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Michael Anton
New York’s crime-ridden past has been amply captured
on the big screen.
7 November 2013

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The Press-Enterprise
| Justice for Bernadette Yuson
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National Review Online
| Governor Moonbeam Strikes Again
Mark Pulliam cited in
| Jerry Brown's Supreme Court Appointment Blasted: 'Mind Blower'
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