Myron Magnet
How to make the Republican primary contest more effective

Eye on the News

Theodore Dalrymple
It’s easier to condemn Steven Emerson than to confront issues of assimilation and culture.


Mark Pulliam
The ACLU won’t stop until a San Diego war memorial is razed.

Recent Features

Silver’s Lining
Nicole Gelinas
New York voters should have kicked out the assembly speaker years ago.
Hail to the States
Steven Malanga
President Obama takes credit for growth stoked largely by red state policies.
A Tale of Two Very Different Cities
Heather Mac Donald
The New York Times resurrects a disingenuous comparison between New York and San Diego.
Our Parties, Part One
Harvey Mansfield
The Democrats: how progress became drift
Touch Point to the Fantastic
Benjamin A. Plotinsky
Joss Whedon and his lonely superheroes
More Less
A Parade of Troubles
Matthew Hennessey
Irish politics come to the streets of New York.
Because Carmen Fariña Says So
Robert Pondiscio
New York’s schools chancellor has a history of ignoring evidence.
Of Interest at the Fed
Nicole Gelinas
No one knows what will happen if the central bank raises rates.
Why Policing?
Aaron M. Renn
Without public safety, cities fail.
Words, Pictures, Bikes, and Freedom
Nicole Gelinas
One murdered French cartoonist stuck up for Paris in more ways than one.

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Ibn Warraq
Images of Mohammed in Islam are more common than fundamentalists claim.
Winter 2011

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| Monetary Policy: the great illusion
Ben Boychuk in
The Sacramento Bee
| In California, school choice is sorely lacking
Joel Mathis and Ben Boychuk in
| Will taxing the rich save America's middle class?
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